I’d been in a bit of a “funk” in March (you might have noticed not many posts from me on here – sorry about that)
Truth is one of the businesses I was working on just didn’t motivate me anymore
(and was the biggest earner my agency had ever had)
I thought I could just “look the other way” and pocket the cash but my brain and body rebelled – Deep burnout (worst yet – watched 63 episodes of House of Cards in 3 weeks wtf), unhappiness, stress
I had two choices
Carry on – Money was being basically thrown at me
Stop – Do something else, turn away contracts (likely 6 figures each one), instantly earn less
When I decided not to focus on it it literally took me a week to get over it – It was the opposite of what I “should” have done
I literally felt bereaved – It was the “right” thing to do but hurt like hell
And then I started working on my next book…
The exhaustion stopped
the energy started to return
I started exercising !!
Started accidentally staying up later and later working on it as I wanted to work on it rather than go to bed
Noticed even if I stayed up past 2am I’d still have energy the next day I was so excited about it
So…internal (me) got the big green tick
And as for external?
My team had a “big” project to collaborate on
Lots of things magically “fell into place”
Hiring 3 people this week
This isn’t even an ad for my next book
Is real talk:
Never do “it” just for the money
If you’re passionate about it too, go HARD
But don’t lie to yourself
Your body will self-sabotage you
I’ve realized a pattern (finally!) in how I feel & work
In fact in October and November I’ll be taking some time off (first time since I was on welfare 5 years ago!) to think about what I ***really*** want…
In short, I’m going to stop doing things just for the money.
What this means for you?
Don’t sell yourself out
there are many ways to make money
Pick the right one for you
Life’s too short