You’re a total idiot if you do any of the following. Hear me out. 

  1. You coach other people and don’t hire people to coach you. How can you coach without being coached? 
  2. You don’t have Paypal as a payment method on a static landing page (it improves conversion 10%-40%).
  3. You don’t invest in yourself. I know this is a cliche but it’s so true. See point 4 below.)
  4. You aren’t trying to constantly optimise sleep, diet, hydration, dating/sex life, exercise and productivity. This stuff is MORE important than growth hacking.
  5. No one holds you accountable to the lazy, unproductive slippery eel you’ve become lately.
  6. You’re not part of any private communities where you can share the BAD SHIT that’s happening that you can’t share publicly as you have to be super-entrepreneur.
  7. You don’t execute on ideas. I’ve seen people who come to see my talk, read my posts then make absolutely elementary mistakes on their launches and services and do very badly because of it (listen and implement).

How many of the 7 do you do? (hit reply and be honest)

Let’s hear it…and explain why, if you dare 😛