Some of y’all will know that I help startups acquire users. My company helps funded startups with a clear target market reach out to and capture the attention of people who will love what they’re doing. Our prices start from £1800 a month. Email me here if interested. We’re aware not all early-staged companies can afford that (or maybe you just want to grow your personal brand) so we have created the following packages so that you can increase your visibility quickly for an affordable price. So here we go:

1. Twitter and Instagram: overnight popularity packages

Posting on social media only works when you have an audience to broadcast to.

You could be sending the perfect post at the perfect time, but if you have no-one to see your posts, how would you ever know? Whether you want to grow your personal brand, company, or brand new startup, we’ll find the people on social media who will love what you’re doing, growing your engagement and followers in a matter of days. Your followers will be the types of people you are looking to reach.

New visitors to your social pages will see social proof that you are someone who matters. Any company with less than 500 followers on Twitter tends to look very weak when a competitor has more. Also, on Twitter, we can reach out to all new followers for you, increasing your engagement and clicks to your website or app.


Twitter: One month’s subscription= £1000 ($1,500 USD) per 2,500 followers.

Instagram: One month’s subscription= £1000 (£1,500 USD) per 1,500 followers.

Email us if you have any questions or would like to order.

2. Startup “Starter pack”

If you’re new to launching a startup/company, it can be bafflingly confusing to work out what you need to do to get your product a strong foundation to start building traction on. We’ve created a package to give you strong credibility and visibility from day one. A one-time purchase guarantees you:

  • An SEO audit of your company website
  • 20-40 SEO dofollow backlinks from reputable sites including the likes of Digital Trends, Launching Next, and All Top Startups (useful SEO backlinks which will help you rank for terms/get your site seen)
  • Listings on startup directories where early adopters hang out, including Reddit. This will also create SEO backlinks to help you get found via Google.
  • 500 visitors to a piece of your content or to your homepage from our tech-focused influencer network of 175,000 followers
  • 1st 500 Twitter followers on your company Twitter account
  • 1st 500 Instagram followers on your company Instagram account
  • Have your website checked for spelling errors

The Startup Starter pack is £1000 ($1500 USD), for a limited time only.

Email us if you have any questions or would like to order.

3. Full automation of social media channels

Serious about social media but can’t afford to outsource? Learn how to fully automate your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr management. We can teach you how to organically grow your account faster than you’d believe, with relevant, engaged followers, on multiple platforms. We designed this package as we noticed many entrepreneurs and creative people couldn’t afford our other packages, but saw the value in having a strong following online, making their social media activity worthwhile.

Intensive two-hour training course: £400

Email us if you have any questions or would like to order.