…For everyone wondering why I haven’t posted in here this week, I could do a “It’s because I’m working on a super secret project I will reveal soon!” or a “Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you!”

Real talk

The above are true


The true truth is a bit more boring

I’ve never been so busy with clients and “work”

America (and I guess LA in particular) is insane in terms of opportunities, every single week I get outrageous offers and have to nail myself to the floor to not run after every opportunity that walks in front of me

At a certain point the you pushing out tips into things coming to you (amazing) and I’m edging towards that now.

What does this mean for you?

Success leaves clues

Reverse engineer what I’ve done

People in my private coaching classes have used my ideas, my hacks, landing page ideas, the lot, and had record amounts of new business.

In terms of general best practices:

If you don’t have money to spend on paid ads, you HAVE to do organic content marketing. Could be talks, could be Instagram posts, wherever your market is

When I see people with no money not doing that, I know they won’t last if they’re in the social media or digital space

I’ve written hundreds of articles this past 18 months.

And I have them saved in a Google doc to be re-published over and over across different channels (I recommend you do this too)

Video is the future. A post Milton put in here recently stayed with me – All of the media companies who have access to the most data on users are firing their copywriters and hiring video people.

Copywriting will survive in certain niches: Business, copywriting, ICO’s, and a few others, but very few are not getting destroyed by moving image right now

I’m normally quietest before I launch a big sexy eBook so watch this space.

As for LA? I love this town and I’m not gonna stop talking about it. What do you love most?