As a public service announcement, I need to do one of these posts every few weeks as most of this industry is absolute garbage information.

  1. They tell you “how to do something” with a critical resource you don’t have your hands on

Like when a marketing agency creates a fake girl profile, hypes it and gets it lots of followers/engagement, even brand deals, and spouts some shit like “It just goes to show the power of great content”

No it fucking doesn’t.

It shows the power of your influencer network and maybe even paid ads to grow it.

What can we take from a post where the injection of traffic is not available to most people reading it?

You all saw my “How to grow your Snapchat like DJ Khaled” post, where the joke was “Make sure you first work hard for a decade producing platinum-selling records with huge artists and have millions of followers on other platforms before you start your account”.

It makes me mad as it is SO HARD to make it in business without y’all being polluted with this nonsense. I see so many of my friends wasting so much time on things that aren’t gonna make a difference to them, or jumping on fad trends as they read about it on marketing blogs.

Things I’ve done recently which would make clickable, high-engagement posts (I could even sell eBooks on the) but would be irrelevent ot you:

How I got 1200 emails for free in one day

How to get 5 million views on a Pinterest page

How to make $60,000 in two weeks with minimal time investment

How to make six figures on your first day of launching an agency

While the above would make killer posts, I’ll never write them.


Because all of the above have some very hard part to them that only I have, that would be virtually impossible to replicate for any of you reading this, the digital equivalent of showing off, or…masturbating in front of the mirror. Y’know?

Remember that most content marketing on blogs is intended to get clients for them by showing off, NOT by giving value to y’all.

Know the difference between a mirror mastubartor and a giver.

That’s all for now