We are in an ideas economy.

If you can show that you have creative solutions to your prospects’ problems, they will see you as the oracle who can solve their problems “The ideas they gave us for free we could’ve used – Think what we’ll get if we hire them!”

As my friend Max said recently: “We interviewed two people for a marketing role at our company. One said he had ideas for our strategy but would only give them when we hired him. The other one had loads to give out in the interview. Guess who we hired?”

This goes beyond ideas for clients.

You need to get creative solving your OWN problems.

One thing I try and teach with my coaching clients is the ability for them to generate ideas to solve their own problems as much as possible. This enables you to take Q and A after a talk with no fear that you can solve someone’s problems. People want certainty, not truth, when public speaking. In consulting, you need to give them truth and results, not certainty.

Hope you’re starting to see the themes that are coming together in these #Vinception posts.

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