If your prospects don't buy from you, there are likely 10 other vendors they can choose from. Standing out isn’t a choice, it’s essential in the modern business & social media landscape. I can show you how.

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"As someone who has reached all levels of success in multiple industries, Vincent reminds us when one door closes another opens. He is the living embodiment of the power of adaptation."

"In case you missed it, Vincent's discussion of "growth hacking" was voted the best talk on the subject at this year's South by Southwest V2V conference in Las Vegas."

"His company, Magnific, beat 1500+ other startups to be accepted into prestigious accelerator Techstars London. He was asked by The Duke Of York to help his companies at Pitch@Palace 4.0 and boost social media on the night of the event at St. James’s Palace with The Duchess of York"

"Vincent is a ball of fire, an inspiration, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation"

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Why Me And How I Can Help You?

I was on welfare four years ago, living off government assistance.

I launched two websites that received over 20 million visitors, two rounds of funding, and got into the TechStars accelerator.

After starting a six-figure copywriting and growth hacking agency, I started teaching others how to gain traffic, followers, and users without spending large amounts of money.

In the last year my book on innovative marketing (growth hacking), launched on Kickstarter, raised over $100,000 in pre-orders, and I completed a 100-date speaking tour.

If you’re looking to grow or start a business, I can teach you the secret strategies I used to do all of the above, as well as the latest techniques that are working right now.


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Warning: Not What I Expected!!!!

“I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for over 15 years with several different businesses. Along this winding journey of entrepreneurship, I’ve hired many coaches and spent tons of money. I’m a big believer in the famous saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” I’m a bit conservative, thus when I first saw Vincent, my initial thought was to disqualify taking anything this guy had to say as serious. I’m so f***ing glad I didn’t. Sure I could follow the same path most do and get mediocre results, but I’m not a “herd mentality type of entrepreneur” (always remember that the sheep get slaughtered)This mastermind was anything but conventional and traditional teachings get you traditional results, and that’ not what you want as an entrepreneur. Vincent truly delivered 10X on what he promised and I guarantee you, that if you want to see massive upward movement in your business, you won’t be disappointed ever in participating in anything Vincent has to offer. This guy not only delivers on what he promises, but has a heart of gold. My warning to you is the following: Participating in anything Vincent has to offer will push you, you might possibly even feel uncomfortable, but you will get results and they’ll be massive. Remember, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Here’s the thing, prepare to take insane actions with Vincent, but the results you’ll get, won’t be the same and you’ll have to see for yourself how far you can expand. Now, Stop Making Excuses and Let’s GSD!”

Mike Kawula
Social Quant
Alexandria Lawrence UK

Do you want to actually change your life?

“Is there a project you’ve been hoping to get off the ground, but (for whatever reason) haven’t done it yet? Don’t make the same mistake I made – start from the very beginning, do loads of research because you have no idea how to approach marketing and running a business, etc, etc. Let me SAVE you some time and frustration. I spent far too long researching how best to do everything and not enough time taking action. Nothing out there comes close to being as helpful and practical as Vincent’s mastermind course and his book (Secret Sauce). So, what are you waiting for? Set yourself up for action and success! Thank YOU, Vincent! :-)”

It's time for you to go and get s**t done! 

“I was able to gain a great amount of momentum and knowledge from the training and just trying what was taught. My favorite part was the continual reinforcement to think outside the box and push your boundaries because that’s what will help you gain attention and have big wins. This course is a great way to get your feet wet in the tools and methods of growth hacking. Not just hearing about how to do something but actually getting work done and making it happen. Overall, I think the course was awesome and a great follow up from the Secret Sauce book. Now it’s time for me to go and get s**t done. You’re doing great. Keep going!”

Curtis Floth
Entrepreneur USA
Rick Jesse

I hit my seven figure goals! 

“The opportunity to listen to Vin in a small group setting was invaluable, I learnt so much I know that I’m going to be sending him a bottle champagne when I hit my seven figure goals, thanks to everything I learnt on this coaching course.”

This course is essential brain food if you want to survive... 

“I thought my favourite part of Vincent’s course was going to be improving my ‘traffic’ distribution success through knowing more social media tools, but it turned out to be the tips to become a better content marketing ‘copy’ writer. This course is essential brain food if you want to survive and thrive in content marketing during 2017. “

Simon Bibby
Burst Insights

Claire Brown

“This guy has some awesome advice.
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“Vincent put the course in such a way as to make the concepts and the ideas super clear. Everything was systematically planned and the value I received was tremendous. For a startup like mine, this has been a unique experience and would recommend Vincent to everyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

Rohan Kale
X Factor Presentations

Scott Finney

“The information and access to Vincent is well worth the cost”

“You definitely want to take Vincent’s course, you’ll learn heaps of valuable strategies and ideas!”

Jeannette Bridoux
Marketing Specialist @ MISAIC

Scott Finney
Former Senior Head of Marketing @ INDIEGOGO

“Vin’s group coaching is a great way to level up your marketing skills, while being in a group environment to learn, support and grow from each other.”

“It’s an extremely valuable course, be prepared to take lots of notes and do the work”

Taylor Jackson

Louise Carrier

“The material was thorough but broken down and delivered in a way that I felt I could start to try some of the techniques covered. The energy with which everything was presented; this made it interesting and inspiring. I felt motivated to apply what we were learning. I received some excellent reading recommendations. Having read two of the books in question they were very astute recommendations indeed! I learned a lot about myself from these and also how this applies to my business and how this has impacted my progress previously; really invaluable.Overall the course gave a very good overview of this landscape and some of the tools others are leveraging. I also enjoyed the Facebook Group and contact with the other members who were very welcoming. I hope this will continue as it was valuable to be able to discuss things”