Here is the 10-step system that will turn your copy (or video copy) into $$$$$ forever.

You will need:

1. A high converting perpetual webinar landing page — Make a promise.

2. A post registration automated email.

3. Email follow ups to make sure they attend your event inc. 5 follow up emails.

4. A webinar that doesn’t “fail” — must convert.

5. Follow up emails for those who showed up/didn’t show up, left early, or bought/didn’t buy (segment based on behavior).

6. A quality product that DOESN’T involve your time, once a month group coaching is acceptable. Automated and 8 week drip-training program.

7. Automated fulfillment to your product after they purchase.

8. A training webinar that is automated that trains people how to use your product or software 2x a week on autopilot — So after they buy your product, they get free training.

9. Customer support that does not involve you — VA’s.

10. Focus on the one thing — SCALE. Being a marketer that masters lead generation through email marketing, and re-invest a portion of products to build an empire. / Once a campaign is working, Fb and Google work.

Literally- the people who do this well live in mansions.

Y’all will know I’m a big, big, fan of internet marketing as a white space that isn’t played out the same way startups feel right now.

Lots of scope to do a lot of cool things as it’s so under-the-radar.