My top 10 books you need to read for a massive 2018:

1. The 48 Laws Of Power — Robert Greene — The book that changed my life. Read it when I was on welfare, instantly taught me how to deal with powerful people. The laws here apply even more now I’m in Los Angeles. The most powerful book you’ll ever read

2. How To Win Friends And Influence People — Dale Carnegie — Trains you out of your natural selfishness, to actually be aware and be nice to people.

3. Non-Violent communication — Marshall Rosenberg (YouTube series or audiobook, NOT physical book) Will change the way you communicate with people, and help you distinguish truth from opinion

You won’t believe how much this will change you.

4. The Lean Startup — Eric Ries — Will stop you from making hundreds of amateur mistakes in your business, even if you have no intention of ever building a tech startup.

So many golden rules like: Build fast, get something crappy out the door quickly, don’t worry about perfection, customer feedback/sales are king

5. Product Launch Formula — Jeff Walker — The BIBLE for launching a product. I read it before launching my first book when I had NEVER sent a sales email.

I followed the formula, and that was the start of the $175k debut novel.


6. The Four Hour Work Week — Tim Ferriss — Still a scene classic. Popularized many, many killer ideas like: Don’t read news, the 80/20 rule, sell information, outsource your entire company, and many broader applications for living a great life.

7. Tools of Titans — Another Tim Ferriss classic. Endless golden ideas from some of the most talented in the world in business, entertainment, and everything in-between.

8. Invisible Selling Machine — Ryan Deiss — One of the most actionable marketing books I’ve ever read — So many actionable strategies in one book. Incredible.

9. The Hard Thing About Hard Things — Ben Horowitz — One of the best book ever on managing others and growing your company from idea to IPO, from arguably the smartest investor in the world.

10. The Prosperous Coach — Rich Litvin — A book that delves deep into the psychology of selling one-to-one to people that all coaches and consultants MUST read if they’re starting out.

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Good mentors have hundreds of books in their head that they can pull from when you have a problem.

If you want me to mentor you for all of 2018? Send me a message.

Go learn! 

Who has read any of the above already?

What were your most useful books ever?