1) There IS a formula to going viral (Julius Dein taught me this one) – No Intro + Immediate value (In his case, magic tricks) + slick editing + Vine like 7 second videos stacked up work best

2) If you have an influencer with multi-platforms, you want a SHARE ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE.

He shared one of his friends videos for free after he did some consulting to help Julius out.

His friend’s page went from 320 to 340,000 likes in one day.

Hells yeah for shares!

3) Joseph D Lazukin is a growth hacking DEMON.

Probably spent more time talking to him than anyone else.
Go and follow him now if you’re in the Facebook Ads/eCommerce space.

His method is to design landing pages where at least 30% of people who hit that page will share (as in, he would prefer a share to a sale in the first instance, as he increases the hances of a sale by 6,7,8 by all the others a share brings in). Great idea

4) James Shamsi is such an Instagram demon.

Some serious new growth hacks he has right now (that I can’t tell though. Have I ever told y’all the first rule of growth hacking?)

5) Location matters.

This event was at a Beverly Hills mansion-type space with a pool in the garden, makes such a BIG difference to cold co-working spaces.

6) Have a house party after your event also.

That too was killer.

Free booze, DJ, and it’s an LA party so lots of models showed up. Very honest!

7) Decide whether you’re going to do paid on Facebook or not. If you do paid ads then stop, they will nerf your pagerank for a while and stop people seeing your posts if you try to go back to organic.

So either get a strong paid strategy (have a look at what Dennis Yu does with the “dollar a day strategy”) or go all out on influencers/shares rather than paying Fb directly

8) Instagram accounts can still grow somewhat fast (shoutout Rachel Bell & Ross Johnson for the longg Instagram chat) Basics of where IG is at now:

– If you’ve used Instagress or all sorts of other automation you have a “bad health score” and will never hit the “Discover” page on Instagram, i.e. go viral and get lots of followers.

– If you haven’t done the above, and particularly if it’s a brand new account, power likes and shoutouts do still work

– Fitness space, particularly girls in this space, easiest to grow – they are doing a course just for this market

9) Lots of general indications that making accounts/posts go viral is both under-rated and very possible- I left with lots of ideas for the next few accounts I want to grow.

Of all the networks, YouTube penalize you the worst for videos that don’t get many views so try not to do that

10) I should’ve got there earlier. Most conferences suck but the quality level here was great, let alone the insane networking opportunities.

I also left feeling really inspired about the possibilities of going viral and growing accounts.

We tend to feel a bit jaded that we didn’t “get in on the game early enough”, but this event reminded me for every 100 people who say “it’s too late to create a viral Facebook page/become an Instagram influencer/start a YouTube channel” there’s others quietly getting on with doing it.

Nothing’s stopping you but you.

What social media growth hacks have you learned recently? Drop them below! 👇🏻