The most under-rated thing about entrepreneurship, you ask?

The adventure.

The reason is: The brain craves novelty. Every day is a new battle. Huge highs and suicidal lows. It’s so ironic: The more time you spend doing the most square thing ever (staying in and staring at your fucking laptop) …the more successful you are and more prestigious parties you get to go to, important people you get to meet, etc.

I had no master plan to be a public speaker. I was asked at techstars to show some of the other teams what I knew so I got a few slides together.

Then I was asked to give a talk.

Then I applied to speak at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas, because, why not? Then I was accepted and had to learn how to get good in three months!

When I wrote this it was midnight and I’d just arrived in San Diego ahead of some TV I was doing that morning. Can’t tell you exciting the Tesloop ride down here was.

It all started in my bedroom. So whatever you’re doing, the reward is waiting. And if you need some help on your journey? #goldclub is opening it’s doors again Thursday this week.

What’s been the most fun you’ve had on your journey so far?

p.s. featured photo from our epic New York “week long” party that I’ve only just recovered from lol.