Jealousy can derail your life.
Only focus gets you there.
I struggled with this a lot.
None of us truly escape it.

The internet is omnipresent
Hell, we use phones in the toilet!
Even bowel movements aren’t safe

Getting away from looking at others
On a daily basis
Lets you focus on you, and
Delivering value to others

Consider how a mentor teaches
Letting the best of you appear
Under their guidance you grow
Bringing you a successful year

Only someone who’s done it
Navigates this confusing world
Essentially simplifying it

Waiting for answers sucks
Even wrong moves are progress
Especially if you read too much
Knowing is different to doing

Taking advice is hard
Only if you have an ego

Get the help you need
Or face another mediocre year

(Now go back and read the first letter of each sentence 😎 Comment when you get it)

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