Mass Planner & Instagress are closing down and everybody has been asking my opinion. So here are my thoughts.

1) I ШіЅН you could get serious results off one account through automation. This would make Mass Planner and Instagress more viable.

This is not the case.

IF you rack up hundreds of accounts like me, Justin Wu or Dan Stephenson have done, you can do amazing things.

One account hardly makes a dent in anything (Sorry everyone)

Caveat: Maybe you, as a one-off, found a client or a sale through these methods.

One-off’s don’t build empires

2) Too much focus on vanity metrics.

I’m in a private Facebook group where creatives spend the whole day fretting that their likes have gone down, rather than doing any of the real work to get their product/brand out there.

Even when I could get hundreds of Twitter followers per day, I still focused on public speaking to bring leads in, as it brought in the $$$$$’s.

3) Like my friend and fellow growth hacker Josh Fechter said a little while back, you’re going to need real engagement and relationships at some point. Tools like Mass Planner and Instagress will only take you so far.

I LOVE shortcuts and hacks, but if you can’t be bothered to show up every day and write content, you’re just another randomer.

There are many people trying to do what me, Josh Fechter, Dan Meredith do, but almost all are copycats and it shows. We’re trying to do three very different things with our audiences, but it shows that we care about our audiences

Like I say, so many of the “six-figure gurus” spend almost all of their margin on Facebook ads as that’s the only way people will listen to them. Sad!

4) For everyone who used them to run social media agencies on autopilot: Sucks for you, but legit if you want to make big money you should be building a personality brand around yourself, teaching others, and selling info products/books/webinars, having occasional masterminds, etc.

This scales up into crazy money much easier.

It’s very hard to make comfortable six-figures off clients, especially in a crowded space like social media.

So it could be a case that “the medicine was sick, but the patient needed it” Which brings me to my next point.

5) For almost all small businesses, building a Facebook group should be your main priority to get daily access to your tribe, test out product ideas, find out what people are into BEFORE you launch it, send ACTUAL LINKS THEY CAN CLICK ON in posts, etc.

6) Regarding links, Twitter can still send ’em. Has 316 million active users per month.3 billion visits per month.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said on a recent earnings call that bots are allowed on the platform!

Twitter is not in fashion is the main reason most people ignore it.

My philosopher said recently, Twitter is the “girl you call up when you’re drunk and horny as it’s a guaranteed thing, but it doesn’t feel all that good using it”.

As a marketer, it’s not my job to say whether anything is right or wrong, cool or uncool, just whether it works. (Anyone who needs guidance on Twitter DM/ Message me)

7) Instagram are brilliantly shutting down virtually every avenue of organic growth right now (I say brilliantly as a business person, they must have anti-growth hackers in there as they have been brutal this past six months) with declining power of comment pods, like pods, power likes, shoutouts, ghost banning and all sorts of nice stuff.

Good luck to you if this is your main channel of growth.

8) Anyone who let/lets a bot touch their main Facebook account is mad- this is your single most important asset on the internet, ever

9) IN B4 people say “So what are you gonna use? You do this stuff!” Well, I’m gonna use the one that’s based in China, far out of the reach of anything else.

Always have, always will.

10) Finally, I’ve said so many times that growth hacks don’t last forever.

Despite all of the above, I’m sure Mass Planner has changed some people’s lives.

Many of you heard about this/similar services and chose not to put the effort in.

Now the chance is gone forever.

Next time there’s a chance to learn/do something, consider going for it, maybe?

-Like I always say, you should only ever be focusing on:

> Building product/service, and

> Selling that product/service

Everything else is peripheral. But if you can growth hack, you should.


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