1. Write to all your current and potential customers right this second. Ask them how your service is going, whether they’re ready to smash it this week, and if there’s anything more you can do for them. The third part works great because most won’t ask you to do more work (if that’s what you’re scared of) and it leads nicely to upsets
  2. More generally, setup in your CRM to give an immediate, unexpected free gift and thank you note for every sale. What happens immediately after the sale is critical in reducing refund rates and starting the relationship well, which leads much easier to upsets. For the Harambe Kickstarter, we gave (and still giving if you haven’t bought yet!) everyone a content bundle of some of my most useful posts, including my guide to staying productive and growth hacking cheat sheet.
  3. Trigger an automated message or reminder for a manual email two weeks into the month to check with them whether their expectations are being met. This is a great chance to fix any early problems and reduce cancel rate
  4. CARE ABOUT THEIR RESULTS AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. Just because you can get the sale, doesn’t mean that’s good enough. I tell my coaching clients they pay me for my attention only- IF they don’t do the homework they set themselves they forfeit the right to speak to me until they complete their tasks (I learnt this through doing a lot of coaching in 2015 as Mr. Nice Guy but found many clients weren’t progressing as fast as I hoped). I had a coach who called me up out of the blue and told me he was cancelling our contract as it wasn’t working, causing me major alarm (bear in mind I was paying him!) a great exercise in client control
  5. Understand clients vision, personal life, fears and hopes. They can cancel at any second and go to another service provider who (let’s be honest) provides basically the same service, you need to go deeper than technical aspects and mechanical going through the motions to build relationships that last years.