1. musical.ly is the new Vine (for now, at least) and is moving away from just miming videos. Whether it can be withstand instagram dominating everything is another question
  2. Great quote “if you understand how and why a platform monetizes, you’ll understand how the algorithm works and what you need to do to feed it”
  3. Shoutouts still work well on insta to grow accounts.

Many people put their profile on private before getting the shoutouts so curiosity leads to many downloads, as well as cliffhangers “find out what happens at the end of this account by following this account” also “this account goes on private in 5 minutes follow now!

  1. No one talked about Facebook.

The 18-24 year olds not using it will eventually be a big problem for fb. Insta is obviously a great asset in the meantime. No-one talked about Twitter either but it *seems* more relevant to the influencer space somehow.

  1. Stories are becoming more important that the insta posts themselves.

Influencers get one DM from stories for every 20 views, one broker was telling me.

What trends are you seeing in influencers and social media right now?