This post is about having a penis-sized “thing” in my ass (Don’t report this post! it’s about productivity, read on and you’ll see).

Okay now, how the hell do I start this post… Firstly, I forgot to put this in my biohacking webinar last week. (If you want the replay, comment below).

Ok. So there’s a question often asked “how bad do you want it?”

And I really think this question is my apex point of “If I really want success this is what it takes”. For instance. I woke up with stabbing pains around my bellybutton a little while ago. I never get sick so I was like wtf.

Turns out I had trapped gas from eating healthy but acidic foods – onions, fruit, broccoli, etc. 

But even more so,


So, trapped gas can’t be worked out with exercise (but tbh I wasn’t really exercising). So, colonic irrigation was the only way to get this situation “unblocked”. Ultimately done by pouring water in to unblock your insides then vacuuming everything out of one’s ass

I knew it was the only answer, and laughed at how much I did NOT want to do this.

I laughed as I’ve been here so many times.

– When I started my first startup and realized it would be the end of partying, I literally cried. My girlfriend at the time was like “wtf”. It was something that meant the world to me at the time.

Since then there have been many of things “lost” taking this path.

  • A lot of romance lost
  • A lot of fun turned down

There’s always a “hidden cost”.

Warren Buffet may be a billionaire but he spends 12 hours a day reading SEC filings. What cost on his family/everything else does this have?

So now back to my trapped gas. They’re lubing up my asshole in a celebrity treatment centre in Santa Monica. They told me how they’re fully-booked with celebs and the Hollywood elite who get this done (I think I can’t name them publicly on here sorry lol) but it’s a common thing.

The “secret sauce” of celebs here in L.A. is many of these kooky health things I’ve been doing to stay healthy (my friend bought Ribert Downey Jr.’s floatation tank lol). Celebs look the best in the world, are in the best physical shape in the world – You think that happens by accident? Nah fam. 

So know I’m watching my internal wast here, being sucked out into a tube. Apparently only 10% of faeces escapes you naturally. The rest just sorta sits about in your intestines.

It causes big problems in later life 🙂

Improvements from having 90 other percent sucked out of you include more energy, less bloating, and better skin on my face. It’s really purging out the bad shit (lol, literally I just realised as I typed that). My stomach pains disappeared after doing it – win!

Went again yesterday and the lady who purged me said “You have a lot of sugar that has messed you up”. I was like “I have a close to zero-sugar diet and have done for the past year”? And she was like “What about alcohol, before that?”

Well, there was a decade before that spent under the influence.Growing up British, I fell into the same traps most of us did – of heavy weekends. I thought I was clear of it but the body remembered when I treated it like a nightclub (one day when I’m rich enough to retire I’ll tell you the stories lol).This is something, like floatation tanks, that I’ll do regularly to be the level “above” growth hacks. Woke up at 9am today (Sunday) and got straight to work, pretty rare.

I teach all aspects of being successful (not just the marketing stuff) to the people – me and Charlie mentor in Gold Club.

There is so much to being successful that isn’t the latest hack.

P.s. having your ass invaded is not mandatory, just a suggestion lol.