People at the time asked me if I was enjoying it…

…I barely had time to think of it

I was constantly in airports, giving talks, going to parties around the world

Now I’m in LA really working

(Serious hours)

No matter how life was going in 2016/2017, I was only a few weeks away from speaking to rooms of people around the world

To turn up in a random city on the other side of the world

And have people desperate to hear what you have to say is incredible

I took it for granted then, and look forward to it again when I lift my year-long (self-imposed) ban on public speaking in six months

I had to force myself to work hard in LA so I didn’t come another statistic

Another import who came here with a suitcase and some dreams,

And left with…well, pretty much the same

I had to be different

I had to win 😉

I’m not there yet, but every excruciating day brings me closer

So the lesson?

1. Cherish the good times, they may not last forever

2. Work hard and earn the amazing times

I’ll see y’all in September, onstage somewhere x