1) I spoke at a date I booked myself in San Francisco.

2) I was recommended by someone who had seen me talk in SF to give a virtual webinar for (collection of super-successful businesspeople) Young Presidents’ Organization

3) I had just came offstage for my famous keynote in Germany where no-one laughed at my jokes when I had to do the virtual webinar

4) There was no wifi so I had to tether and do an hour-long presentation (expensive!)

5) Then I got asked to speak in Philadelphia for Young Presidents’ Organisation as they liked my webinar

6) Then after I spoke one of the attendees demanded I meet him the next day

I told him I couldn’t as I was speaking at Growth Marketing Conference in New York and had booked my flight

He told me fuck the flight meet me and my team and I’ll fly you in a helicopter from Philadelphia to NYC so you make it on time to speak


So I did the meeting (with my awesome wingman and Philly native Kyle Benoit)

We didn’t even have to “do” anything in the meeting

Meeting was basically me saying a sales letter, Kyle talking about building a bot, and them asking for a further proposal

And we got to the chopper!

I was close to tears in the air

I said to Kyle: “F**king hell, I was living on $100 a week four years ago, this is mental”

Point is?

I could’ve just fronted and gone “I’m making it BIG” and some entrepreneur showoff nonsense

But (again, selfishly) by telling the truth I know I stand out 10x from everyone else in my space

Truth is

Success is long, hard, and comes via the most random directions

Every success story is a black swan & couldn’t’ve been predicted

I know people/close friends putting on mad fake displays

Fake it ’til you make it works

Take from that what you will

It will only get you so far though

My only secret sauce in America is public speaking, I keep wanting to retire as it craters all other productivity & projects I’m working on, with an ROI that can at best be described as “fuzzy”, but I’m aware it’s my secret sauce and I’d be *NO-ONE* in America without it, I guarantee y’all that

The client we pitched will be the biggest client my agency has ever got when it closes

And if it doesn’t?

It’s been amazing just to have this experience

My 100-date world tour only has one date left

It was a reaction to having spent four years doing nothing but work in my bedroom

Not allowing myself the things every other young person takes for granted

I’ve had many of the best times of my life across these 99 dates, ten countries, 39 cities — made so many new friends

I’m only at the beginning of my “getting rewards” cycle

One thing I love doing?

Calling my Mum to celebrate the big wins (video Whatsapped her from the air and showed her Manhattan on my video call!)

She was amazed at the story (and the name of the client which I can’t reveal), and said:

“What happened to you today would never, ever happen to you in Britain as a working class person.

You’d have had to have gone to Oxford or Cambridge.

Those Americans are amazing”

I don’t know if that’s true, Britain has plenty of successful niches, maybe I just work a little better in America for whatever reason.

Point is

Keep hustling and moving until you find the place where things *just work* for you.

Could be a new country, could be a new product, could be a new girlfriend, could be a new co-founder.

I do the talks on auto-pilot, I could click through my slides blindfold,

I know every joke by heart (sorry to everyone who thinks I’m quick and making them up on the spot ha)

But things are now in place and almost on autopilot

Keep pushing 💥

Don’t give up ⚡️

Make your helicopter story happen