I have decided to be more positive and optimistic.

I can write posts about darkness and the struggle that I’ve been through. I mean all of that vulnerability stuff does get likes, but still It’s kinda just a celebration of anxiety and depression, which doesn’t really serve anyone (and I get those worrying “u ok hun” Dm’s and text messages which are concerning). (Thanks for those btw).

So, you’re gonna see a whole heap more GRATITUDE and OPTIMISM from me!

I live a life most people would dream of. I have people queuing up to hire me. I’m about to relaunch my most successful coaching program ever (#goldclub). I have been using Shea Butter on my face and it’s looking ace (yas Kween). Just spent a mad week in NYC partying with my team, and I can still pull a crowd even though I haven’t been there for a year.

So much to be #thankful for!

You guys right here in Traffic and Copy have been my army and my rock all this time, so I’m excited to show you what me and Charlie have been working on next.

Who wants to join me on my optimism journey?

Anyone who has any practices/info on…how to stay happy and gratitude and suchlike please drop them below.

Being sad is for suckers 🙂

Who’s in?