1) Always try and hire from your community, followers, and, or mailing list. Skills come and go, but you need loyalty and people who like YOU, not just the job or the money.

2) If you can afford to, you should pay interns. Not because you have to, but because free interns are too flakey, and you can’t be too firm with them. Also, paying even a few bucks gets you consistency. 

3) Always ask them what they ultimately want to be or do. You WANT someone who wants to do their own company/idea after this, this will push them to work hard!

Red flags: 🚩🚩🚩No attention to detail, they take ages to get back to you or don’t respond quickly.

4) “What if they steal my data/accounts/clients?” This is very unlikely, and it is very easy to safeguard yourself from this too. More so, believe it or not, most people can be trusted, especially in the entrepreneur (as opposed to the “Office job I hate but I only do as I have to”) world.

5) Your goal is to teach them what to do, then have them oversee other interns, and ascend them into part-time and then full-time work. This has been my model for most of my non-executive team.

6) Remember they want to get pissed on a Friday night so don’t expect them to work Saturday. 

7) How have you guys found hiring interns? Helpful? Stressful?

 Lemme know!!!