Growth Hacker wanted

(contract-based; Full-time after probation period)

Salary: £pretty good

We’re on a mission to reduce the failure rate of startups. Most startups spend all their time building their product (as they should), then have no idea how to get that crucial first 5,000 users. That’s where we come in. We’re a proactive growth hacking agency who have learned the hard way through scaling websites to millions of monthly visitors, or scaling other companies’ communities into the tens of thousands, virtually overnight. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we take what we do super seriously. Making things go viral is fun.

Seeing a clients’ minds blown when they get 500 new followers in a week is lolz. We’re doing things no-one else can do, and learning new things every week. We have layers of secret sauce no-one knows about. And they’re going to be powerful when we unleash them. (haha). We’ll be expanding to the United states and Canada (and possibly beyond) in 2016. The company is going to have a lot of interesting clients to work with, so we’re looking for someone who really loves startups and getting stuck in to join.

Some things we’ve done in the last year:

  • Brought a client’s Twitter account from 0 to 15,000 in 3 months, leading to thousands of signups for their startup
  • Hijacked the SXSW hashtag and got 1,700 people to a party in Austin, Texas
  • Given talks about growth hacking from Estonia to L.A. and Las Vegas
  • Helped out The Duke Of York on social media for Pitch@Palace 4.0, met the royal family etc
  • Been featured in Inc., The New Statesmen, The London Economist, & blogged for the likes of Huffington Post, Tech City News, and Tech City UK

Ideal candidate would be someone who is great at social media but wants to become a legend. It’s like a paid apprenticeship of a super-specialist skill the world really wants. The things we’ll teach you are insane- things you wouldn’t have thought are possible. (And of course, we want you to teach us, too!)

The job will mainly be remote working so you can work often on your own terms (to a certain extent, your own hours, around meetings) and be more productive. If the below seems a bit daunting, don’t worry. Full training will be given on every aspect of this. However, if this is all really foreign to you and you’ve barely ever used Twitter, you’ll find it hard to pick it up quickly.

Job responsibilities


Scale our own network and interesting sideprojects. Do amazing, consistent work for clients.

Regular tasks:

Roughly 50% working on/with clients, and 50% on our internal, exciting projects (we have some huge ideas for 2016)

Managing Twitter accounts with over 100,000 followers & growing by 5,000+ a week

(You’ll be responsible for increasing the level of growth of all accounts)

Creating and posting amazing content on these accounts, and more (picture & text)

Client-facing responsibilities: Onboarding new clients, training clients on how to use Social Media (normally via Skype) – This will be a major part of the role

User acquisition and community growth for clients- responsible for meeting client briefs

Consulting clients on user acquisition/growth hacking strategies

Coming up with ideas for campaigns/new accounts/new ways of doing things

Skype and real-life meetings with me

Research tasks, e.g. “Find us 20 influencer sin X niche who can post about a client for a budget of X”


Occasional tasks:

Meeting and/or pitching to clients

Possibly giving talks at some point, as the company scales

Meetings with me/clients

Ability to travel eventually may be useful

Qualifications of the ideal candidate:

Must have:

  • Internet addict. Must have an understanding of internet culture. Honestly, you probably should be someone who spends a LOT of time at their laptop. (the exception would be if you read relevant books instead). For instance, a task might be “find memes/infographics about X and make a folder of them by end of day)
  • Coding experience, or exceptional knowledge of other growth hacking tools to get around this. (Note: I don’t code and it sucks, so you better be good!)
  • Some previous experience with clients/customers. This job is a lot of time alone with your laptop, and the some time client facing. You’ll have to be amazing at both.
  • Love or knowledge of startups.
  • Great knowledge of different social media platforms. Fine to have golden skills on one but must be aware of all of them and why a client should/shouldn’t use one.
  • A general idea of what a company should be doing in the early stages, and red flags to avoid
  • Ability to understand/want to automate EVERYTHING. Without automation, things will be more difficult, which is why a “hacker” mindset is essential.
  • Blackhats very, very welcome 

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience scaling a social media account to impressive numbers
  • Previous experience in a Saas company or role in product (for the sideprojects we work on)
  • Experience in any of the following: Email marketing, content marketing, PR, affiliates, partnerships, sales, SEO.
  • Has run a company or been an early employee of one before.
  • Good with paid social e.g. Facebook/Twitter ads, Adwords


Don’t apply if:

You have no real social media/growth hacking/coding background.

Application process

May be possible to try this on the side while you work somewhere else for a little while (i.e. you can confidentially apply even if you’re working somewhere else if you really want to be a part of this) as if you’re amazing and we click there’ll be no stopping us.

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Email us:

  1. Your C.V. ( Include a link to your LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. A couple of paragraphs on an interesting growth hack/hack/PR stunt/something interesting you’ve done for a company you’ve worked for. If you’ve produced any interesting sideprojects/blogposts before this could go here instead/also
  3. A couple of paragraphs on why you want to work for us.
  4. Do something unique, special, for extra points. “Here we are now, entertain us”

We’ll then be in touch if you’ve made it to the phone interview/Skype bit. Make it good!

More information:



Excite to hear from you, in particular.