Today one of my friends asked me for advice to get traffic to her startup.

I told her about how one of the fastest-growing websites in the world.

They get tonnes of traffic by creating web pages on people falsely accused of horrendous crimes (and refusing to take them down after their name is cleared as of that sweet SEO traffic), scraping and pasting content left, right and centre, and other horrors.

I told her that if she wants funding as a silicon valley startup, she will need some form of “dirty” traffic (In internet marketing and coaching, we can call it “secret sauce”, startups need such aggressive growth, you gotta be quite dirty if you want tonnes of traffic).

The world SHOULD NOT be like that.


Make sure the world knows those are your values.

But on the inside, you need what Venture Capitalists call a “reckless” streak for getting results at all costs.

You need to join all the other internet marketers who talk about “the importance of ethics”.

Remember: I know almost everyone in the industry.

The amount of lying and smoke and mirrors is unreal.

It’s the hardest year in the past five to raise money.

When I started out the number of companies getting funded was unreal- There was a real buzz, even in London where I was at.

It’s never been harder to get traffic, but there’s never been more opportunities.

Find your secret sauce in 2018.

It’s possible.

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