Now I know a lot of you are grinding hard creating content for all your social media channels

It’s a long slog with little immediate ROI so you’ve got to make that time count!

That’s why there is so much chatter in the growth and marketing space about social media algorithms and how you can beat the system

Facebook is obviously the King so I’m going to identify a few small bits in here before moving onto other platforms.

1) Don’t focus on what’s gonna go viral, focus on what will get people talking

Facebook is going to start prioritising posts that get people talking in discussions and replying to each others comments.

Debates, controversy, interesting topics, events etc. this is what keeps people on Facebook for longer (and Zuckerberg and co know it)

2) Don’t try and game the system

Facebook wants people to enjoy their platform and like the content they see

I.e. They want people to ‘actively’ using their site vs ‘passively’

So posts that get a variety of comments, people sharing, people adding ‘reactions’ will rank a damn lot higher than those that don’t

Because people enjoy a little debate or discussion

This means RIP to posts that prompt hundreds of people to comment one word or two word things (this was sooo common a couple of months ago) or tag their friends AKA comment/tag baiting

3) Focus on sharing

Now I know it’s difficult to combine my second and third point but hear me out

Sharing prompts discussion, so try and create posts that people will share with one another

Facebook keeps track of who shares things via private message as well as on their wall

So don’t panic too much if you’re making your post a tad taboo, people will still share that stuff privately

And there you have it, Facebook switching things up again sigh

But you can either complain about it

Or get with the program