A girl asked me how to find a mentor after one of my talks

I told her to write down the 30 smartest people she knows, email them to tell them they’re in the top 30 (compliment), then ask them to introduce them to a mentor as you’re looking for one.

Many will offer to mentor you themselves. Direct industry qualifications are preferred but essential.

One of my mentors is a Canadian in real estate and biohacking, but because he’s not in my world, he can see things from a 10,000 degree view, and can boil things down to the essentials.

Your mentor should always be super smart and somewhat successful, in my opinion. Major bonus points if they have done the exact thing you are trying to achieve. I’ve just (as of this week) hired a second mentor that fits this profile. Am paying them for their time, but I’m predicting 5x minimum returns from what they’ll teach me with their team, accountability, etc.

The best mentors are WINNING IN YOUR FIELD RIGHT NOW or have sold their business/been successful in that field very recently.

I tell all people starting out who sound lost that they need a mentor.

Sometimes, to my surprise, they reply “Oh! I already have one!”

Then they say “He sold his company in the 90’s”


No offence to the 90’s boomers, but things have changed *so* much that this advice can only broadly be practical if they’re not still in the game now. Social media, funnels, influencers- these things have mass effects for most modern web businesses. Older mentors can give general advice “hire well, be selling from day one” which is critical, but you need someone IN your space for direct hacks. Broad advice you can get from books.

One main tip my mentor Dan Meredith recommends is getting your wallet out. Don’t “offer to help”. Believe me, successful people can handle that. Show that you value their time, travel across the world to attend their masterminds, pay eye-watering prices for one hour on Skype with them: The way their mind works will leave you with a tonne of actionable ideas.

It’s also often inspiring: One of my mentors doesn’t give out so much direct advice, but the inspiration off the call is amazing and kicks your ass to get more done. Amazing feelings which really get you there.

I pay thousands to attend masterminds as just being in the company of winners cracks your head open. I was in Utah recently, where, if you don’t mind me saying something crass, every other attendee was running a company making millions. The conversations were amazing. So many trade secrets and ideas, let alone the inspiration that YOU are there as an equal.

Getting a mentor should be at the top of your priority list if you don’t have one right now.

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