Creating content can seem overwhelming at first. So, I’m going to show you my system for creating content as the group was scaling up.

I planned to have three posts a day, seven days a week.

I know some of you are thinking “that’s impossible!” and are going to close the window as you feel overwhelmed.

You should stay!

I promise creating content is not that hard.

Here’s what I want you to do.

Firstly, try and follow these TEN creating content rules:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Good copy is stolen rather than made up
  3. Use the same language as your buyers: Avoid technical language
  4. Start at the end: Have a goal in mind
  5. Translate all products/services into BENEFITS ONLY – to a certain extent “what\s in the box” doesn’t matter
  6. Use an AMAZING picture with every post – this will get you remnant likes which will boost your visibility, even if they don’t read the whole post (but it’s way more likely they will read it if they like it)
  7. Engage readers with stories
  8. Be bossy with your words and CTA!
  9. Only ask people to do ONE THING per post. Don’t get them to go to a website link, and share the post, and write a question in the comments – This will stress people out and they will do NONE of these things. This also makes it easier to stretch ideas over posts if you need different actions
  10. Don’t put arbitrary “rules” on creating content, like “This is too short”, “this is too long”, “I can only do x for my audience” – What’s 10x more important than any of these things? SHOWING UP EVERY DAY. It’s somethings my mentor (and king of Facebook engagement) Dan Meredith taught me – If you post every day, you are ahead of 90% of your competitors. It’s really that simple. Tim Ferriss turning point was being told by one of his mentors to produce “two shitty pages per day”. Just get it out of the door- you’ll get better with time.

That may look a bit heavy, but look at it like this:

  • That checklist is something I check every time I’m creating content, to make sure it has the best possible chance of success.

As ever, if you’re a natural with content you can break all the rules too.

I just see too many entrepreneurs putting out too little content, building no relationships with their audience, then struggling to make sales.

If you use this system, you can’t fail to produce content that works.

When you do this, you’ll see:

Random posts getting loads of engagement

People randomly telling you they “see all your posts”

Will this work for MY business?

Everyone thinks their business is the exception to the rule. These systems aren’t designed for any particular niche, they work as well in the coaching business as the startup world.

People ask “Do these systems take a lot of time?”

As mentioned previously, I only do things that take minimal effort and get maximum reward. I’m just too lazy to do hard things.

Do you see how life could be different with systems like this?

The alternative?

You can carry on the way you are, hoping your “drive-by” approach to sales (appearing out of nowhere and asking for money) works.

But let’s be honest, that form of advertising only works for massive companies with a globally well-known brand.

These days people buy from people, and people who make them feel good.

It used to be that content marketing was a useful form of marketing, alongside SEO, PPC, etc.

Now, it’s ESSENTIAL as a way of getting in front of your audience.

As mentioned, it’s the system that will make this happen, NOT any particular method.

Consistency is the key.

And you know the best thing about all this?

Once you start to see one system working, you will understand the power of them and why you should create more.

These systems are the difference between running an amateurish company to running something with a clear gameplan to seven figures.

It’s not “secret growth hacks”, it’s consistency in systems which will take you to the level you’re dreaming about.

If you’re wondering why it hasn’t happened yet, take a cold look at your business.

Is it really running on systems?

Or are you doing whatever emergency is on your desk that day, and randomly doing whatever you can to get by?

It’s a sobering thought, I know.

The good news is with just a few of these systems, you’ll start to see the power of structures that make your life 10x easier.

What could this do for you/your future?

You can finally start to see that magic of your company growing organically.

Right now it might feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill.

Systems like this can be the beginning of a tipping point. They can get you over the hill and gather momentum fast. Then you’ll on your way to a business growing carefully guided autopilot.

The result is the life of freedom you want and running the business you’ll be desperate to tell your friends and family about.

I know that when the business isn’t doing great it’s hard to keep your head up high amongst family, who just want you to quit and work for a normal company.

The bad news is they might be right if you don’t use the systems big companies use to run and grow their operations. You’ll become the scale they have, but on your own terms, which is the magic of running your own business or working for a small, innovative company.

I get excited just talking about this with you.

I’ve had loads of messages on Facebook from people excited about the possibility of what these systems are making possible for people.

People have started sending me their own ideas for systems, and there have been some amazing ideas in there.

The impact this can have on so many areas in your life and future is massive.

It’s been awesome sharing this with you.

I love processes and maths 🙂

There’s been some amazing interactions and comments from you.

Right now I’ll be opening a limited program, and I’ll be taking on a number of students that want to go deeper and learn all of the systems they need to make their businesses massive.

And so I have created this program, where you can learn the advanced version of this system, and many many more that I use in every area of growing my business, from social media to copywriting and everything in-between.

So if you are ready to move forward and create systems, if you are ready to really get mastery in this area of your life, really change your life, transform your life, then I cannot wait to hear from you.

I’m SO HYPED to start this with y’all, this is going to be the best course I’ve ever worked on, and you’re going to transform your business by the end of the course, through these same systems I’ve transformed mine with.

We have loads planned to make sure you don’t just learn, but you also execute on this shit. If you want in, go here:


p.s. if you want to see how you can come up with ideas to write 21 articles per week, comment “I’m gonna write more” below and maybe I’ll do a short webinar for you 🙂