I went to see a friend perform.

They asked me what I thought.

I could see what they were trying to do.

I told them if they improved just one part of it it would be 10x better.

They told me it was the audience that was the problem.

I cared for my friend so I tried to communicate to them what may be improved.

Back and forth we went.

Eventually, I conceded as it was turning into an argument.

Last I heard of them they hadn’t improved all that much in the past two years.

This isn’t a lazy person – They’re out there every week putting themselves out there.

But if you aren’t coachable? Can’t take on advice?

Good luck (no matter how hard you try)

50 Cent famously said “Your audience is never wrong. If you aren’t bringing it they will tell you”

I wasn’t the only one trying to give her advice. The audience, the judges at the events they tried out at, the replies on social media.

You may feel like “you know what they mean”

You probably don’t.

Normally if one person says it, many others are thinking about it.

Ryan Holiday once said “People will normally only tell you you’re wrong once. If you bite their head off, they will just go quiet and leave you to go around being wrong”

This line says it all…

“Excuse me, was you saying something?
Uh uh, you can’t tell me nothing” – Kanye West

TLDR: Don’t be like Kanye. Take on advice 

Whats the most important piece of advice you’ve ever taken on?

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