1. Get to inbox Zero – You NEED to start the week with nothing waiting. Monday morning, a mountain of things to do WILL arrive.

Be ahead of the game by having this taken care of.

2. Set my teams’ tasks out for the week.

The best start to your day as a manager is to see if your team is stuck anywhere and needs your help, and knows what they should be working on.

3. Set agenda for weekly kickoff agenda with my team

4. Tackle my two biggest tasks.

Again, Monday is always going to be busy and should be full of meetings.

If I don’t get ahead of it here, it’ll have to wait until Tuesday and I’m playing catch up

5. Watch Billions.

This show reminds me to aim higher, and to always be thinking big

6. Pre-plan cooking meals for the week.

Saves me time on game days 🙂

7. Write my content for the week – If it doesn’t get done here, I struggle to do one post a week.

If I do this, I do 2 posts a day easy

8. Stay up late working.

A good day to do it as no deep work is ever done on a Monday, and I finish work at 3.30pm to go see my personal trainer

What I *don’t* do is plan out my goals for the week, as they are already set based on my project plans.

If you have to rely on coming up with tasks for yourself, you’ll likely forget and/or get stressed out trying to work these things out.

Have them set long in advance then adjust them as needed.

How do you prepare for your week?

How do you make sure you win?