I’ve been writing out a few memoirs recently for my new book

(y’all be able to get your mits on it soon 😉 )

And it made me realise,

The Vin who was chained to his laptop working 12-14 hours a day doesn’t have the same mindset to the person I am today.

I had dreams and ambitions but couldn’t imagine actually achieving them

I was anxious, introverted and worried about falling flat on my face

I remember when my Traffic & Copy co-founder Charlie Price said to me he used to be anxious about calling the doctors to book an appointment

I laughed hysterically when I heard this, not because I thought Charlie was being stupid, but because I was exactly the same!

A lot of the growth hacks I learnt at the start (and the newer ones I teach) don’t really come down to technical ability.

Most are about consistency and willpower (cliche I know)

And Mindset isn’t something that can be taught.

So it’s one of those elusive, but completely essential parts of entrepreneurship

You’re going to get right in the feels every damn day when you first start out

The Fear of Change

Because people already do what makes them comfortable (about 90% of the habits your doing now are probably comforting to you)

So naturally, switching that up is going to disrupt your routine.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone isn’t meant to be fun.

All entrepreneurs will go through this at a certain point

Fear of Failure

You’re going to hella worried about failing

It’s only natural

Will I lose all my money?

Will I get enough customers?

What will my friends think?

What will my girl/boyfriend think?

Fear of the Unknown

People always tell you that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side

And for certain circumstances that’s not a bad mantra to have

It stops you jumping from one opportunity to the next, not really taking the time to implement one thing before moving onto the next

(something even I’m guilty of at times)

However, sometimes this fear of the “other side” can make you feel ‘stuck’ in one place

Sticking to what you know because it’s ‘easy’ is a sure fire way of not getting anywhere worth while

Step out of your comfort zone

Try and do at least one thing a day that makes you uncomfortable

Cold email

Public speaking

Ask for someone’s help or advice

Write something personal about yourself and share it to your audience

No one achieved the life they wanted by sitting and waiting for it to happen