1. I split my week into “deep work” and “meetings”. Every Sunday afternoon-midnight, all day Tuesday & Thursday, and Friday afternoon, I will take a nootropic (Aniracetam) and do my critical work without interruption:

Getting to inbox zero, serving clients, planning launches, social selling, etc – anything that is critically important I do here.

Aniracetam is basically an anti-anxiety drug.

2. All meetings are bunched up on my off-days. Meetings, even sales ones, require little brainpower, so I can take a day off from the Noots on these off days and psychologically it’s a relief to not have to make high-stress decisions every day.

I also do my group coaching and masterminds for my private clients on these days too (Which I actually enjoy!)

3. I schedule my naps in my calendar (Dexter recommended this).

This means they can’t be accidentally overwritten by meetings, and you have a guaranteed recharge every day. I wake up ready to crush the afternoon after that

4. Managing a remote team: Every Monday I have standup meetings with every member of my team to set us up for the week.

I also have 3x group calls with my whole team and 2x management meetings.

This means things are caught before they become problems & keeps us all accountable (With all my many companies, I am often the WORST one to be managed & kept on track – shoutout to Brandon & the squad for organizing me and the team!)

5. I also schedule my meetings with all of my coaches on my meeting days. If you’re a coach/consultant yourself and don’t have coaches to upskill yourself, I really don’t know what to say to you.

I have six right now, and that number will go up in 2018.

6. I take every Friday evening-Sunday lunchtime OFF from work (an idea form my discipline/accountability coach). This should give me enough time to taste the colors of L.A’s night-time and give me some stuff to write about- parties, girls, celebrities, the Hollywood hills, you know the drill 😎

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