5 things internet marketers need to stop doing right now:

  1. Shaming customers who can’t afford them. Do I need to expand why this is not a good thing to do?
  2. Doing live streams and videos while driving – It’s stupid, illegal, and dangerous (Hat tip to Colin for pointing this out to me).
  3. Putting zero effort into how they look and act (energy). It affects how many people watch your live streams & lots more.
  4. Slagging off the idea of having coaches or mentors – All the top entrepreneurs in the world (Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos) have them. Even having a mediocre coach is better than having no coach in most instances.
  5. Thinking they don’t need to interact with their own or other peoples’ audiences. Visibility is everything, and is vital for building a strong brand/community.

Most treat FB like a drive-by, popping up to shoot a post then disappearing.

We have a lot of internet marketers in #goldclub, and I tell them off on a daily if they do the above too much… 😉

Seriously though.

What drives you mad about internet marketers?

What causes you to hit the “unfollow” or “I don’t want to see this ad” buttons?