1) “Show up with content every day and you’ll win”

This is not true!

There are people who have produced about 20 posts and just rotate them using Facebook ads (check out Dennis Yu’ “dollar a day” strategy) which is enough to build a sizeable audience to sell to.

2) The best product wins – Nope.

That product wins in physical product or startup land.

Here, where we all sell similar products, positioning, brand, landing page, and pricing can make or break you, hence this obsession with funnels we are living through.

3) He/she/they who hustles hardest wins – Nope.

If you’re hustling a bad product/service you are just papering over the cracks, and it will all fall apart.

4) Fake it ’til you make it – Many of the people who you think are “faking it ’til they make it” (like Tai Lopez) have tremendous machinery behind them in terms of ad buying, copywriters, etc etc. You see a tiny slither of their front-end and make assumptions.

Solid business fundamentals are not sexy but are the bedrock of EVERYTHING 👇🏻

What are the worst lies you see and want to put an end to? Let’s hear ‘em 👇🏻