1. If you do something as a service for others, you have to be good at it yourself. Too many people with very few followers offering that as a service to others…

No loco. 👀

One thing I’ve always liked about Virginia is she always courted both the businesses and the influencers.

So she’d star in the influencer videos and get tonnes of views and use this as proof she knows how to do it to help her get business contracts.

Likewise, if you’re in the social media space, you need to be “big” on at least one platform- It will make closing deals a lot easier

2. This year you’re gonna have to invest in good gear to produce higher-quality content. 📹💥

An iPhone 10 will probably do it- You’ll get ranked out of the algorithm automatically if you put up low quality pics or videos this year.

Sad but true

3. Consider paying yourself less and putting even a few dollars into paid advertising.💵

I LOVE free traffic, but 2018 is the year of reckoning.

It’s getting squeezed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube everywhere, this year.

Get into the game before it slows the hell out of your growth.

This year there will be more millionaires made than any other year in human history.

There will also be some major casualties as the space gets more competitive.

Which side will you be on?

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