1. You only need a 1% chance of making a million dollars with your idea (Caveat: If you’re working a job or swapping time for money in a way that won’t scale, you are not on this path). Work it all out using maths

2. Most of the high earners announce their gross not net earnings. If there’s such a thing as an overnight success, it’s generally bought with Facebook ads or other forms of advertising.

3. Many companies and people with lots of PR, app downloads or social media followers make very little money

4. There will be more millionaires made in the next 10 years than at any point in human history.

You should join them

5. You will likely never again look this good, so use it to your advantage

6. You could likely start an agency just with the information on the internet, thus you are already one of the smartest people in the world just by showing up here every day with popcorn

7. The more time you spend in business the more you’ll realize how many people have no idea what they’re doing, and you’ll quietly surpass them over time

8. All those people you’re envious of? They almost all come undone over time. Normally sooner than you think. Chill

9. If you’re running an INTERNET business. You have more freedom than at any point in human history.

Your relatives had to do very manual work surrounded by assholes.

Celebrate your good fortune.

Go get laid or eat a cheeseburger once in a while.

10. I was trying to draw a line between watching people fight in the Lewisham Job centre and where I am when I wrote this(in San Jose, about to give the main talk at a conference before the headliner, Rand Fishkin of Moz), here’s what I came up with: Achieving things makes you more admired, internet famous, and wealthy.

It’s a good idea to work hard.

What keeps you going? Family? Fear of death? Changing the world?