1. Get back to people QUICKLY, particularly partnerships/sales where they are doing you a favor in some way or other.

2. Don’t be precious with your content. Most writers and speakers fuck this up by keeping the good stuff so they get hired, but get hired less because of it.

3. Show up on time (or at all!) for meetings, even Skype ones. Occasionally something comes up and you need to shift it immediately, but amazing how many people miss meetings outright and apologize at some point after. People remember these things.

4. Don’t forget you are an investor, in how you spend your time. Every minute matters- Reading/writing/working on planes, in Ubers, on Friday/Saturday nights- it all adds up to a competitive advantage.

5. Cherish having too much to do and too many opportunities. Most people have the opposite problem, and don’t have nearly enough clients/inflow.

6. Have a “smell the leather” moment ASAP. I.e. if you wanted a Bentley, you would go to a showroom, sit in the car, smell the leather, to inspire you to eventually buy one. One idea is to go and view million dollar houses to inspire you to one day get it for your family, etc.

7. Frame your personal life, love life, family relationships with the same logic you use to analyze business situations- It takes the sting out of them and helps you put things in their place fast.

8. If you find meditation does absolutely nothing and you still have thoughts non-stop, try a floatation tank, known as “meditation on steroids” will help you see the power. Really life-changing stuff.

9. Always read and buy info products from people who are experts in fields that can improve your life like relationships, business, diet, exercise, don’t presume you know everything, these people live the stuff you don’t have time to get good at.

10. Have five great stories you can tell at conference after parties that are NOTHING to do with business to make people be shocked/laugh/like you. Imagine you’re on Conan.

What are yours?