1) Launch with a Kickstarter — People much more likely to pay on a legitimate site, and the network effects of being seen on Kickstarter are BIG

2) Get lots of traffic to your Kickstarter on day one with a viral queue (gleam.io or Queueat.com)

3) Build a Facebook group around your idea — This will be your central “hub” for discussion, hype, customer service, etc — Essential you be seen to CARE about your customers

4) Research all your competitors — Buy their products and walk through their process — How easy is it to buy?

How much do they charge?

How long does it take to deliver you the product?

5) Research other successful Kickstarters, build relationships so you can shout each other once it goes live

6) Start a new Facebook account, and like all your competitors’ pages, then look at the ads, then copy the ones that have the most engagement

7) Make at least one VERY STRONG video. Include at least one of: Humour, break a belief pattern and show them a better way, surprise or shock

8) Find some smart people to bounce ideas off/to advise you

9) Deliver the product FAST and have AMAZING customer service