Here are some basics to keep you on the road to glory with your copy 🏆

My favourite definition of copy is from Ken McCarthy:

“Copywriting is not about writing, it is about problem solving”

Ken sees “Bullets” as key, small, powerful phrases which turn a lightbulb on in your audience’s head 💡

Bullet example: “the one food you never want to eat on an airplane”

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

You’ve got to wound them with the bullet and highlight how much it hurts, then walks in Dr You. Making sure you’re the only trained professional on the scene 🚑

Give them some of the remedy in your ad, but keep the secret sauce in the back locker 😉

Leave them wanting more.

It’s human nature. People hate pain more than they love solutions 🤕

So why not give them both?! Solve the problem a little bit, and you can guarantee they’ll consider paying for the full treatment

So on to the actual copy itself ….

The job of the HEADLINE is to get them to read the sub-heading.

The job of the sub-heading is to get them to read the first sentence of the copy.

The job of the first sentence is to get them to read to second sentence of copy, and so on …..


I remember Dan Kennedy mentioning about a client who handed him a bit of copy and said:

“Here’s the copy we think we should run with”

He hands it back after one second and said “it won’t work”

They responded “ You didn’t even read it?!”

He said “I didn’t need to, the headline sucks”

If the headline sucks then it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the writing is. Hardly anyone would have made it that far.

Our psychology naturally looks for buzzwords such as: New, Sale, Limited time. Or things like prices $$$. So always try include that as much as possible!

Create urgency with your writing i.e we won’t be doing anything like this again or we’ve only got 20 spaces. It’s not essential, but it’s always good to have in your writing.

So there you have it! The basics of copy 😇

Obviously there’s more to it then that, but this is the platform to build upon 🚀🚀🚀

Keep hustling y’all